Since I have a day job, all my projects are done after-hours or on the weekends. My job doesn't call for me to create much server-side code — mainly front-end HTML/CSS/JavaScript — so these little jaunts into server technologies is a great learning experience. I love to code and create, so I develop these little projects for fun and learning.

IMs from Kenny

IMs from Kenny came about when a co-worker left our company to pursue a bigger adventure. However, since moving out of the locale of our city, his IMs got rather hilarious. I built a little PHP app complete with a comprehensive back-end to allow blog-style postings of the rediculous IMs. This is a collection of IMs that is constantly added to by myself and a few other co-workers.

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DMCMS is a light-weight, custom built CMS built by yours truly. I built DMCMS so that I could dive into more complex PHP code and just to say "I built a CMS."