DMCMS - My home-brewed Content Management System

DMCMS is a simple CMS that I built using PHP and MySQL. It is naturally easy to use - create pages, themes, SEO options all inside the administration. I started it early on when learning PHP to broaden my skills as a developer. Creating my own CMS has always been a goal of mine. Now I can say that I've accomplished that goal. Of course, DMCMS is an ongoing project, so options will always be added.

DMCMS is lightweight, meaning it runs lean. There's not a lot of frilly features that many users don't need. It's just simple and gets the job done.

11/4/2014 update: I'm currently working on the next version of DMCMS. Groundwork has started on the framework but there's still a long way to go. Updates will be posted here when more progress is made... Stay tuned!