Donovan Childers: Web Programmer and Photographer

Yeah, those two things usually don't go hand-in-hand.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web where I can showcase my work and projects. Originally from Portland, Oregon, I'm currently a software developer in Bend, Oregon with passions for building clean, functional and user-friendly websites. Fluent in C# / .Net Core / ASP.Net, MSSQL / MySQL, HTML/5, CSS, SASS and LESS CSS, JavaScript, VueJS (Vue, Vuex and vue-cli), jQuery, Responsive Design, and PHP, as well as skills in Photoshop, I am able to leverage my skills across multiple platforms. I love to code, drink coffee, tea and beer and do amateur photography on the side. You can see my full skillset on my online resume. Stick around and enjoy my work for a while.

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